Lifestyle in the Virgin Islands

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Oct, 21 2016
US Virgin Islands LIfestyles

Everyone knows that the U.S. Virgin Islands are an incredible vacation destination. It’s a tropical paradise, draped within nature’s luxury, fantastic resorts, and surrounded by the world’s best weather, most beautiful water and simply extraordinary beaches. With everything that the islands have to offer it makes sense that it’s a great place to relax for a few weeks, but what about spending more than a few weeks here? What’s it like to live in paradise?

According to Peter Briggs, Partner, John Foster Real Estate, "As someone who moved here from New York over thirty years ago and never looked back I can attest to how amazing it is. The U.S. Virgin Islands are a unique combination of exotic adventure and domestic comfort that never gets old. The views are captivating and the weather is perfect year ‘round. Living here means you have access to unparalleled outdoor activities and world-renowned luxury as well as the time to enjoy them at your leisure. The island lifestyle means slowing down and taking the time to truly indulge in everything that makes the U.S. Virgin Islands such a great vacation destination."

The things that make living on the islands such a uniquely enjoyable way to spend your days is available to all yet has attracted some of the most influential people on the planet. Initially drawn by the islands beauty, weather, and water sports, Richard Branson (Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, and Virgin Intergalactic) built an island vacation home next door in the British Virgin Islands many years ago that has hosted many of the rich and famous. He now enjoys full time residence there and has purchased and developed another new island where his friends and associates have followed suit ($10 million lot purchases). Larry Page (Google) recently purchased an island in between those of Richard’s, and Aga Khan acquired the Costa Smeralda (mega) Yacht Club across the bay!

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