The Laughing Gulls have Arrived

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Apr, 20 2017
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It is that time of year again when the Laughing Gulls start to arrive on our shores here in the USVI. These quirky birds migrate here every year from Northern South America. Like some of our winter guests they take a long Caribbean vacation while it is winter in the southern hemisphere. While they visit they find a mate, nest, and welcome the new generation. For their migration they fly around 500-800 miles at an altitude of 50-65 feet. These feathered friends nest on the ground of our coastal areas including some of our uninhabited nearby islands.

One of these islands is called Buck Island close to St. Thomas. During summer months you must obtain a permit to go on to this island. The reason for this law is to protect the eggs on the new hatchlings from people stepping or poaching the eggs. Once the little ones are hatched they have to learn how to fly and hunt for sprat and other tiny fish before the migration back down south in September and October.

Every single summer we listen to the giggling of our part time residents and It is a great to see them arriving and settling in for a beautiful summer!