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Water Island



  • Fort Segarra:  is an underground fort built by US defense strategies during WWII to protect the sub base on St. Thomas that was completed just as the war ended. Now it is abandoned, bring a flashlight if you plan to explore it. The observation deck on its roof offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the Water Island, the ocean and other islands around.

  • Limestone Beach: is a long shallow beach, very good for exploring and is usually unpopulated. You can walk out from the beach to a reef for fair snorkeling. Behind the reef the water deepens quickly and currents are strong. Tide pools often form around the rocks in the center of the beach; wading through them can be interesting.

  • Honeymoon Beach: Coconut trees line the area around Sprat Bay giving it a very tropical, uninhabited feel. Rarely populated, the bay is calm with an occasional surf. The beach has soft white sand with some rockier areas toward the end of the bay.

  • Sprat Bay: is a private community located on about 100 acres on the northern end of the island. Sprat Bay offers amenities such a beach with covered pavilion, tennis court and boat dock.