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When you decide to sell your house or your vacation property, it's a good idea to sit down and clarify your motivations and draw up a basic timeframe for the selling process. Being clear about your intentions and timeline for selling will make it easier for an agent to determine the most appropriate option for your specified financial, lifestyle and real estate goals.

What is your timeframe for selling? You should immediately establish your end goal date for selling. If you need to sell quickly, you can speed up the process by hiring an agent that you can sit down with to thoroughly review the current market conditions.
What's the market like? When you work with our agent, you can be sure that you'll have experienced and knowlegeable negotiating skills at work for you to arrive at the best market price and terms. We'll keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms and conditions of competing properties. With us, you'll know exactly how to price and when to sell your home.
How do I optimize my finances? Deciding to sell your home demands a serious consideration of your current financial situation and future possibilities. You'll be able to effectively assess the cumulative impact of these changes, estimate potential proceeds of selling your home, and plan effective tax savings and estate planning strategies. We will ensure that you not only take control of your finances, but use them to their fullest potential.

Select an Agent

What to look for in an agent. Here are a couple of factors to keep in mind when looking for a listing agent:

  • Experience and Expertise. You want a full-time agent who's familiar with the US Virgin Islands and with the type of property you intend to sell. Does he or she employ a diverse range of marketing and advertising strategies? How tech-savvy is your agent? How many similar properties has he been able to sell in the past?
  • Availability and Commitment. Your agent should be capable of prompt and decisive action during the course of selling your home. Do they make it a point to keep in touch with you constantly? Can they easily be contacted in case of emergencies or even for the simplest questions?
  • Rapport. Do they take the time out to listen to your goals and clarify your needs? Can they understand your unique situation and be genuinely concerned about the outcome of the process? Your listing agent will be your guide and partner in this crucial decision, so it's important to find one you can get along with.

What Is your home worth? Without a professional agent, most independent home sellers tend to overestimate the value of their home. You can avoid this pitfall by consulting with an experienced real estate listing agent.

Prepare to Sell

What can you do to increase the appeal of your home and create a lasting impact on potential buyers?

Curb appeal. Keeping your landscape pristine, and adding creative touches to your yard such as colorful annuals, will create an immediate impact on passers-by and potential buyers.
House repairs. Simple upgrades such as window repairs, polishing the doorknobs, and a fresh coat of paint in the most frequently used rooms instantly brighten up your home.
Cleanliness and staging. Keep your home uncluttered, sweet-smelling and well-lit from top to bottom. Pay attention to details; put away the kitty litter, place a vase of fresh flowers in the hall, pop a batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven and have your carpets cleaned. Let your agent check the house before you accept any potential buyers to see how you can improve the staging further.
Showtime. Presenting your home to potential buyers is a job that your listing agent will take care of for you. Buyers feel more comfortable discussing the property with the agent if you're not there. Moreover, your agent will know what information will be most useful in representing your interests when speaking with prospective buyers.

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